All eyes on US-Mexican border as ‘migrant caravan’ begins

All eyes on US-Mexican border as ‘migrant caravan’ begins

US President Donald Trump has reportedly dispatched more than 5,000 troops to the US-Mexico border to supposedly stop the “Migrant Caravan” from entering the United States.

“We are bringing three helicopter companies in. They are enhanced with optics and censors that will allow them to operate at night and provide assistance to bring our [border patrol] personnel exactly where they need to be regardless of the conditions,” U.S. Northern Commander Air Force Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy said in a report.

Earlier, he said he is ready to send at least 15,000 soldiers to the US-Mexico border in a bid to prevent those participating in the “Migrant Caravan.” The Guardian noted that the number of soldiers he intends to send is “roughly equivalent to the size of the US military’s presence in Afghanistan, and three times the size of the presence in Iraq.”

In a separate report, The Guardian said the “Migrant Caravan” is slowly entering Mexico. Those participating in the caravan are reportedly fleeing from “endemic violence and poverty” in their respective communities.

 “The situation is really ugly here, so we’ve decided to leave,” a refugee said in a report.

Last Wednesday, about 2,000 migrants began their journey on foot from El Salvador to the US.

“We’re now in an unprecedented situation in the country. This is not merely a caravan … it’s a migratory exodus,” one of the migrants participating in the caravan said in a report.

Meanwhile the numbers of people participating in the caravan reportedly “dwindled” as “fatigue from the heat, distance, and poor sanitary conditions have set in. However, “a significant group are determined to get to the United States,” a report read.

“It scares us a little. But since we’re seeing a ton of people going together, we can help one another to cross,” another migrant said.

Critics, however, said that Trump is drumming up the Migrant Caravan to “motivate his political base.”

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