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Canon LP-E8 Battery

I would personally say I’m an amateur photographer, pretty much a hobbyist. I’ve always struggled with stress and panic, and one of my pals explained to me that engaging in photography is needed me out there. And it’s true: every one of the focus required to find the right exposure, the correct angles, try to comply with the rule of thirds…all of this demands lots of careful attention, making photography very “meditative.” It’s certainly helped with the stress and allowed me to feel more “at one” together with the world. What percentage of us actually pay attention of the little birds and animals flying around outside? It’s really amazing that a whole lot continues around us, so-called “mundane” things that are in fact worthy of our attention.

As you might have guessed, the most popular thing to consider photos of is definitely the great outdoors. Whether it’s just walking along a shorter hiking trail at one of the local parks and snapping several photos of squirrels or birds, or attending a national park just like the Grand Canyon or even the Rocky Mountains, I have quite a lot of satisfaction out of taking “optimal” photos. I just went to Yosemite National Park, and so i will speak about that pleasant excursion in this article.

I live in northern California, so it took me and my wife three hours to get to Yosemite. We’d both always wanted to go there, but you know how it can be – you never check out the tourist attractions in your area. I took my Canon Rebel T3i with me. It’s a DSLR and I have hardly any complaints devzpky63 it. Also, I took an extra Amazon LP-E8 Battery with me which I purchased away from Amazon. If you’re an advanced photographer, you are aware how important it really is to have spare batteries upon you (there’s no chance in hell I would drive three hours home for batteries!), especially if you’re going to an appealing location or special event like a wedding.

Obviously, the park was absolutely beautiful once we reached around 5 PM. I needed to use taking some photos at night, specifically of your stars over Yosemite. So my partner and I found an effective location, create the tripod, and sat there and chatted over a couple cups of coffee since the sun began to set. I took a few photos of your setting sun – I used to be at a good angle, with all the sun high in the sky.

“Staking out” and taking photographs at night really can bring people together. My spouse and I had probably the most fun we’d had in a while, just sitting there listening to the sounds of night time and referring to life, experiencing the organic beauty of your locale we had been in. For nighttime photography, you will want camera which is often set into a high ISO, and the Canon Rebel T3i fulfilled this role well. Obviously, you need a long exposure to be certain the faint light enters the lens. And this is what I did, my camera pointed up at the stars. I have done what’s known as a “star trail.” You can essentially trace the movement of your stars within the sky, which I found really neat.